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Hello everyone!

Thank you for dropping by WhatsOpeningThere.com!

Folks have asked where do we get all this data? Well, it’s not top-secret knowledge but you have to brush up on your Google Fu. 😀

Anyways, here are a couple of sources where the data from this site is pulled from:

  • City-Data.com – lots of great info here and some very friendly and knowledgable people. If you’re not intimidated by the way forums work then jump on in and say hello.
  • Facebook – Just seeing what people post and comment on.
  • GreenvilleOnline.com – News article and such.
  • GreerToday.com – News articles and such.
  • GreenvilleJournal.com –  News articles and such.
  • UrbanPlanet.com – Another forum site with great information.
  • And tips from readers!

So we don’t have a secret information sources but we do our best to take what is out there and put it in a easy to digest format. If you have a source then please shoot us a note and we’ll be glad to check it out.

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