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Weekend News: Oakblue Kitchen (Downtown Greenville), Pet Supplies Plus (Taylors), Guitar Center (Spartanburg), and More!

Happy Friday the 13th! Trust you aren’t too superstitious about this freaky day. 🙂 So let’s jump right into a few news bits that’s hit our inboxes lately:



A brand new restaurant is opening up in Downtown Greenville called Oakblue Kitchen. According to their website it looks like they’ll be serving Korean BBQ and Southern Staples (whatever that means). They will be opening up in the former Bravo location on Main Street.

A Korean BBQ restaurant will be a great boon for downtown. That’s one niche that’s non-existant so far.


In the Hampton Village shopping center there’s been a few changes. Miniature World of Trains has closed up as well as Wade Hampton Country Buffet. Rumor has it that the Pizza Hut that’s in that center will be opening up a sit down restaurant where the buffet used to be.

Also, the construction has started where the old Sonic used to be for a new Starbucks based on the info that we’ve received.

And finally, a new pet supplies store will be opening up where the Office Depot used to be. Pet Supplies Plus is the name of the store and this will be their first Upstate location (closest one is up in Asheville, NC). You can see where they’ll be located at on this development sheet.


Speaking of pizza. This new Chicago-style pizza place called Old Chicago is coming to the Upstate. It sounds like it might be a few years out though.

The first of the new locations is scheduled to open in Myrtle Beach late this year, with two other locations planned to open in Greenville and Spartanburg in the next three years.

Old Chicago specializes in handcrafted pizzas and craft beer. The restaurant offers classic pub fare like chicken wings and specialty burgers, as well as a variety of pizzas. The restaurant features traditional Chicago style, as well as thin crust varieties, and 30 craft beers on tap.

The restaurant currently has 100 locations in 24 states


Here’s hoping they open sooner than 3 years though!



Got a tip from one our readers that QT will be opening yet another location in the Spartanburg area

QT is a great place to be honest. Clean, good food, good gas prices. Glad to see them continuing their expansion and growth in the Upstate.




The Haywood Road area continues to be refreshed and updated. Looks like The Gallery shopping area is getting a parking lot renovation that will be fantastic.

Major appearance changes are planned at The Gallery shopping center on Haywood Road. A New York company, DNA Property Management, plans to develop a courtyard and renovate a side building to accommodate outdoor recreation retailers.

Weinstein said the side building, a former restaurant, is being gutted, and the renovation includes an exterior “elevation plan” to visually enhance the space for retailers such as running stores or bicycle stores. He said city approval is being sought for that project, which will start first.

The courtyard will follow in the area outside of Cici’s, Weinstein said.


According to sources, one of the new shops going in will be Performance Bicycle

The new Performance Bicycle is going to be in the vacated Grille 33 restaurant space. I saw people working on that building last week.



Guitar Center opened up yesterday in Spartanburg.

Los Angeles-based music instrument retailer Guitar Center celebrated the grand opening of its Spartanburg store on Thursday.

The company kicked off its fourth store in South Carolina at 1487 W.O. Ezell Blvd. with a live performance by the Charleston-based band Top Jimmy, exclusive savings and gear giveaways.

The store will operate from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday through Friday, 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. on Saturday and 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Sunday.


Whew! That’s about it for this week. Love seeing all this news! Great for the Upstate (the openings, not the closings). Don’t forget that Culver’s is opening up next week in Greer! Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter as well!

Coming Soon?: Popeyes Chicken (Greenville?) – Rumors abound!


A while back we posted about the rumors of Popeyes Chicken coming to Greenville. More recent developments have happened since our post so wanted to update everyone. The Popeyes has opened up in Gaffney, SC so that’s a good sign! Been reading that it has become fairly popular too.

The Popeyes in Gaffney is definitely open and the chicken is indeed quite spicy, moreso than Bojangle’s.


Also some unsubstantiated rumors that a Popeyes might be coming into the downtown area as well

I heard a rumor (unsure of reliability) that there will be a Popeye’s in the Main and Stone development. Seemed like an odd location to me, but maybe someone has their finger better on the pulse?


I have heard a similar rumor but unconfirmed.


So there you have it. Not much more than rumors at the moment but if anyone has any info we’d love to hear about it!

Coming Soon: The Cheesecake Factory, Part VI (Greenville)


Breaking News CCF Fans!

FoxCarolina.com is reporting that CCF has a building permit!

An official said on Thursday a popular restaurant chain now has a building permit in the city of Greenville.

The official said TCF Co., LLC, the owner of The Cheesecake Factory franchise, has acquired a building permit at the Haywood Mall.


Thanks to Peter for the tip posted on our Facebook page.

Edit: Wanted to get in some other news posts as well to help consolidate all this information.

WYFF4 has some more detail than Fox Carolina:

City representative Lelise Fletcher confirmed that The Cheesecake Factory has obtained a building permit for Haywood Mall.

The document released by the city shows the company paid more than $14,000 for the permit. It also states the value of the building will be more than $500,000.

And Greenville Online has this article on them as well:

Cheesecake Factory is coming to Greenville, according to city officials.

The city of Greenville has issued a building permit for the long-rumored restaurant at Haywood Mall.

The permit, issued earlier this month, calls for the modification of an existing 4,720-square-foot space and adding an additional 4,160 square feet of space to create the restaurant with bar and patios.


We’ve been reporting on the rumors that The Cheesecake Factory will be coming to Greenville sometime ‘soon’. There isn’t a ton of new information but if you want to read up on our posts about it you can check them out from the links below:

Part I – And that Panera Bread now has a big sign for hiring. It’ll be open very shortly I imagine.

Part II – I love this comment! So bids are starting to go out eh? Awesome!

Part III

Part IV

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Coming Soon: The Cheesecake Factory, Part V (Greenville, SC)


We’ve been reporting on the rumors that The Cheesecake Factory will be coming to Greenville sometime ‘soon’. There isn’t a ton of new information but if you want to read up on our posts about it you can check them out from the links below:

Part I – And that Panera Bread now has a big sign for hiring. It’ll be open very shortly I imagine.

Part II – I love this comment! So bids are starting to go out eh? Awesome!

Part III

Part IV

If you drive by the Haywood Mall you’ll see that there is a lot of construction activity going on in front of the current Panera Bread. Typically The Cheesecake Factory builds their restaurants attached to malls. Being that the current Panera Bread is fairly small the extra construction makes sense so that they can expand it into a CCF.

I know a lot of people are like ‘meh’ on CCF food but that’s ok. Them coming to Greenville is just a good sign of the growth of the Upstate. And that’s good for everyone.

Coming Soon?: The Cheesecake Factory, Part IV (Greenville)


There have been some more rumors and posts about CCF coming. Here’s a summary of some of the info that has been posted recently:

Panera is building their free standing unit next to Wells Fargo and CCF will take their place as well as a few other spaces. This is a done deal.


It is a done deal. However, CCF is not going to take over any other stores. They will expand the footprint of the Panera space.


and later on this:

Let’s just say I know someone involved with the project and with the Panera building. Believe me. It is going to happen. It will be announced soon.


It is indeed Cheesecake Factory. Construction has already started to expand the area in front of Panera for it.


So take it as you will. There are  lot of naysayers but here’s the deal: We’re hearing a lot of ‘insider information’ but nothing concrete has been shown as evidence. Personally I’m inclined to believe that CCF will be coming. Greenville would make a good market for their store.

You can check out our other CCF posts here: