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Coming Soon?: Tropical Grille (Downtown, Mauldin, Augusta Rd)


Hey all! Hot off the press rumor for you to think about today:

did you hear there will be 3 more Tropical Grilles opening up? One is even going to be downtown.

employee at woodruff road told me

one on Augusta Road, one in Mauldin, and one downtown

they will be with in the next 6 months

So yeah is this true? Is it fake? The tip came in from a friend that frequents the restaurant so it could very well be true. Tropical Grille has grown a good bit since they started in 2010 and they are always packed out.

Stay tuned as we dig into this a little more!

Coming Soon?: The Cheesecake Factory (Greenville, SC)


So figured to do another post on the rumor that CCF will be opening up a Greenville location. Got this tip in from a fairly credible source (someone who is related to someone who runs a CCF in the region):

[redacted] told me that one has been in planning for Greenville since before they tore down the Greenville Mall
I was at his restaurant last month and [redacted] said one was definitely coming soon, but he wasn’t 100% where.  We figured that it would be the old Ruby Tuesdays at the Haywood Mall, but also figured there would need to be some major construction
Haywood Mall has apparently been undergoing a lot of construction and I think that was partially to attract CCF
There you have it. Someone else that has verified what a lot of us already know and are wondering about. Think this is finally coming to a head? Maybe soon?
Stay tuned…