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West Greenville Happenings!

Seems that West Greenville area is starting to pick up some more steam! Here’s what’s happening in that area:

Been to West Greenville lately lots happening over there. Now that Brandon Mill Lofts is open it’s bringing lots of little new businesses along with it. A new restaurant called The Anchorage ( that’s the cool looking place that they painted the mural on the front of) there’s also a new restaurant directly across the street from that called C B & D I believe that one is only open for breakfast and lunch maybe. Also a door or two down you have the Village Grind coffee shop. Across the road from that is going to be something else in the red brick building but I’m not quite sure what yet, but I heard it’s going to be another restaurant and then of course you have the restaurant at Mac Arnold’s it’s been open for a while but it used to be Asada and now it’s southern cooking I heard. And then if you keep going down Pendleton toward Academy there’s one more little restaurant on the left and I can’t remember the name of it but the word Crust is in their name.

Thank you to Erie for the tip! If anyone has any tips or news feel free to send them our way and we’ll try to get them posted!

Now Open: Aryana Afghan Restaurant (Downtown) and Fresh Burger (Greenville)


Aryana is now open off Coffee Street in downtown Greenville. Here is an article and video by WSPA on them. Food looks pretty good! Looking forward to trying this one out for sure.

Their address is:

210 E. Coffee Street
Greenville, SC

Open for Lunch around 11 AM.


In the former Golden Chick location off South Pleasantburg a new local chain has opened up called Fresh Burger. Report back and let us know how the food is!

Friday Roundup! Brio Internal Medicine, Caviar & Bananas, Golden Chick, Toss Pizza Pub, and More!

Happy Friday to everyone! Let’s jump into a few recent happenings around the Upstate.


Brio Internal Medicine is now open in Downtown Greenville. They are located at the corner of E. North and Main Street. Good to see more professional services coming downtown to serve the community. They were recently featured on UBJ:

Brio will have three locations by early 2017, and the downtown Greenville site will be available for urgent care visits, as well as appointments for illnesses and annual check-ups, says David Martin, CEO of Tribe 513, the umbrella company for Brio and other physician practices.

“This location will focus on establishing a primary care provider with working professionals, mostly adults, and especially in the younger crowd of people, ages 22 to 40, who haven’t established care with a primary care provider or who haven’t gotten a physical in five years,” Martin says.

Brio’s new office is designed to appeal to busy, working professionals who do not want to waste time driving across town to a doctor’s office, says Sandy Gibbes, partner with Equip Studio, which has designed the 3,700-square-foot space. It will have three providers and eight exam rooms, all on a second floor that can be reached by elevator.


There are also some recent photos on their Facebook page as well.



Caviar & Bananas is open now. From the looks of it, they are staying pretty busy during the breakfast and lunch hours. The location they are in is a great spot as well. Lots of foot traffic and brings traffic and life to areas off of Main Street.



Saw on their Facebook page that Toss is open now. They are located in the South Ridge area (corner of University and Church Street) of Downtown Greenville.



A few tips came in from readers so I’m going to post them here:

Just bought some sausage from Carolina Growers Group at the Thursday night farmer’s market in Fountain Inn. The young man said their butcher shop is in Gray Court, but in a few weeks they will be opening a butcher shop at 202 Weston Street…a block off of Main Street in Fountain Inn. They will be selling a wide variety of freshly made sausages plus other meats. Their web site is Carolinagrowersgroup.com I love your website! Thanks for all the tips.

Thanks for your support Sheila!

This one is from Lorri:

Breakwater & Bar is closing. http://upstatebusinessjournal.com/news/greenvilles-breakwater-restaurant-bar-closing/ While Greenville’s Bacon Bros. Public House is still saddling up for its franchise expansion into Houston, this week the farm-to-table gastropub announced a new partnership that will put a bakery, butchery and diner right off the Greenville Health System Swamp Rabbit Trail. http://upstatebusinessjournal.com/news/bacon-bros-to-set-up-shop-near-the-swamp-rabbit-trail-plans-franchise-move-into-houston/

I heard about Breakwater closing. Bummer for sure. I hope a new place will take over that location soon. West End is a fantastic area of Downtown for sure!

This tip is not as surprising to hear:

Was looking up Golden Chick locations in the Upstate and noticed that their locations on Pleasantburg in Greenville and also in Greenwood closed. Not sure about the latter, but the former has only shuttered in the last couple of months. http://www.city-data.com/forum/greenville-spartanburg-area/1455665-recently-closed-businesses-greenville-spartanburg-area-123.html

Thanks for the tip Andrew!

Ever since Golden Chick opened up a few years ago the locations seemed a bit off. Their food was good but I think they opened up in the wrong areas.

And this one from Mike:

Fuddruckers and Starbucks coming soon to Duncan at 290 & 85. Former Denny’s location.

Appreciate all the tips everyone! You all rock so keep ’em coming!

I know I’ve missed a bunch. Been a little crazy with work and school starting so I’m a bit behind on updates and postings. Have a great weekend everyone and show your support for some of these new local businesses!


Now Open: The Funnel Cake House (Greenville)


The Funnel Cake House will be open for business on Friday, May 27. They posted this updated on their Facebook page earlier this week:

Their website has some yummy pictures of food besides Funnel Cakes but their menu links are not completely working which is a bummer.

Anyways, sound off in the comments if you get a chance to try out their food!