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Opening Soon: The Cheesecake Factory (Greenville)


Happy Friday everyone! Just to bring the fevered hype to an all new high here are some awesome pictures of…CHEESECAKE! ūüôā

The restaurant, the first Cheesecake Factory in South Carolina, will open its doors at 11:30 a.m. on Tuesday, May 31 at the Haywood Mall, located at 700 Haywood Road.


Look at some of those cheesecake pictures. Man oh man they look good.

Just a fair warning: There will be a long line and for a long time. The Cheesecake Factory has been one of the most hyped restaurants to come into the Upstate. People are going giddy at the news of them opening a location here.

Let us know how it is!

Now Open: The Funnel Cake House (Greenville)


The Funnel Cake House will be open for business on Friday, May 27. They posted this updated on their Facebook page earlier this week:

Their website has some yummy pictures of food besides Funnel Cakes but their menu links are not completely working which is a bummer.

Anyways, sound off in the comments if you get a chance to try out their food!

Now Open: The Pixelry (Greenville)


Not really a retail location but this is something special to us here at WOT! A code camp for girls! The Pixelry is founded by some co-workers and good friends of mine and they are excited to be able to put on a code camp for girls this summer here in Greenville.

So check them out and pass the site along to any friends or family that might be interested in having their daughter(s) attend this code camp!

The world (and the Upstate) needs more software developers and we need more women coders on top of that! Coding is a fantastic career option and camps like The Pixelry are geared towards educating girls about how cool it is to code.

What are you waiting for? Go check them out now!

Now Open: Tucanos Brazilian Grill (Greenville), Culver’s (Greer), The Cheesecake Factory (soft opening), Bruster’s (Greer)


Hey all! Tucanos is now open! Go get check them out and let us know how it is! Upstate Business Journal has a quick article on it.


Also, The¬†Cheesecake Factory is in the midst of a soft launch. I’ve heard from a few different folks that have been there ¬†(or will be going) over the next week or so to try them out.


Culver’s in Greer opened up yesterday. Heard there was a good line too!


And finally,¬†Bruster’s in Greer will be opening up tomorrow as well.

The Bruster’s building that was moved from WH to S Buncombe in Greer will reopen tomorrow (5/17) per posted sign.


Now Open: Chicken Salad Chick (Greenville)


Got a tip from a reader and wanted to share it with everyone:

Hi there, Wanted to share some exciting news that I thought might be of interest. Chicken Salad Chick (CSC), the nation’s only southern inspired, fast casual chicken salad restaurant, will be opening its third Greenville location on Tuesday, April 19 at 15 Garlington Road, Suite 100. This location is owned and operated by long-time franchisee team Michelle Singleton and Julie Beville of Sing Bev Hospitality, LLC and marks the seventh Chicken Salad Chick restaurant in South Carolina. Would love to share this news with your readers!

Thanks Tiffany for the submission!

We posted about the upcoming expansion last year so it’s great to hear that it will be open tomorrow!