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Coming Soon?: Tropical Grille (Downtown, Mauldin, Augusta Rd)


Hey all! Hot off the press rumor for you to think about today:

did you hear there will be 3 more Tropical Grilles opening up? One is even going to be downtown.

employee at woodruff road told me

one on Augusta Road, one in Mauldin, and one downtown

they will be with in the next 6 months

So yeah is this true? Is it fake? The tip came in from a friend that frequents the restaurant so it could very well be true. Tropical Grille has grown a good bit since they started in 2010 and they are always packed out.

Stay tuned as we dig into this a little more!

Coming Soon: The Donut Experiment (Greenville, SC)


Ooo…a ‘custom donut shop’? In Greenville? Aw yeah.

Check out this awesomeness:

The Doughnut Experiment presents its deliciously fried treats in a little bit of a different way. The shop is set up to allow guests to create their own flavors. You start with a base of a freshly made, fried to order cake doughnut, choose your frosting and then choose a topping.

The Greenville shop will follow the same format, allowing customers to come in and create their own favorites. The store will feature five different icings: vanilla, glazed, maple, chocolate and caramel and a bountiful list of toppings from sea salt and Oreos to various candy bar bits, nuts and even Fruity Pebbles.

They will be open in September:

The Donut Experiment will open on Augusta Road around Labor Day, according to local owner, Terri Klaeser. The unique shop will not only be the first location in South Carolina, but will be the first franchise location for the Anna Maria, Florida-based company.

The Donut Experiment will be located at 2123 Augusta Rd., Greenville

You can read the full article here.

So go get your donut fan hat on!


Coming Soon: Harris Teeter (Greenville, SC)


So Harris Teeter is coming back to the Upstate! That’s fantastic news for everyone. Their new location will be at the redesigned Lewis Plaza off Augusta Road. Tentative open date will be sometime in 2016. Reason why it’s so far off is that they are totally redoing Lewis Plaza. So there is a lot of construction that will need to happen to prepare for their anchor client.

It sounds like a fancy grocery store to boot! 2 story, outdoor seating, etc. Great news for those off Augusta Road and near Downtown area.

A longer article with all the details is posted on UBJ.