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Coming Soon?: Tropical Grille (Downtown, Mauldin, Augusta Rd)


Hey all! Hot off the press rumor for you to think about today:

did you hear there will be 3 more Tropical Grilles opening up? One is even going to be downtown.

employee at woodruff road told me

one on Augusta Road, one in Mauldin, and one downtown

they will be with in the next 6 months

So yeah is this true? Is it fake? The tip came in from a friend that frequents the restaurant so it could very well be true. Tropical Grille has grown a good bit since they started in 2010 and they are always packed out.

Stay tuned as we dig into this a little more!

Coming Soon?: Popeyes Chicken (Greenville?) – Rumors abound!


A while back we posted about the rumors of Popeyes Chicken coming to Greenville. More recent developments have happened since our post so wanted to update everyone. The Popeyes has opened up in Gaffney, SC so that’s a good sign! Been reading that it has become fairly popular too.

The Popeyes in Gaffney is definitely open and the chicken is indeed quite spicy, moreso than Bojangle’s.


Also some unsubstantiated rumors that a Popeyes might be coming into the downtown area as well

I heard a rumor (unsure of reliability) that there will be a Popeye’s in the Main and Stone development. Seemed like an odd location to me, but maybe someone has their finger better on the pulse?


I have heard a similar rumor but unconfirmed.


So there you have it. Not much more than rumors at the moment but if anyone has any info we’d love to hear about it!