West Greenville Happenings!

Seems that West Greenville area is starting to pick up some more steam! Here’s what’s happening in that area:

Been to West Greenville lately lots happening over there. Now that Brandon Mill Lofts is open it’s bringing lots of little new businesses along with it. A new restaurant called The Anchorage ( that’s the cool looking place that they painted the mural on the front of) there’s also a new restaurant directly across the street from that called C B & D I believe that one is only open for breakfast and lunch maybe. Also a door or two down you have the Village Grind coffee shop. Across the road from that is going to be something else in the red brick building but I’m not quite sure what yet, but I heard it’s going to be another restaurant and then of course you have the restaurant at Mac Arnold’s it’s been open for a while but it used to be Asada and now it’s southern cooking I heard. And then if you keep going down Pendleton toward Academy there’s one more little restaurant on the left and I can’t remember the name of it but the word Crust is in their name.

Thank you to¬†Erie for the tip! If anyone has any tips or news feel free to send them our way and we’ll try to get them posted!

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