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Recently Closed: CianCiola’s (Greenville)

cianciolas grocery logo

Downtown Greenville is losing a deli/small grocery store. CianCiola’s which opened up in early 2015 will be closing up by the end of the month.

The store and deli opened in early 2015 but “just didn’t have the volume of business needed” to justify keeping the doors open, said Joe Varieur, who owned the business along with business partner Wayne Weldon.

“Unfortunately the location was just outside of the Main Street foot traffic,” he said. “We had great feedback from the customers we had. Parking was the only real complaint. Unfortunately, location, location, location.”


Thanks to JP for the tip back a few weeks ago as well!

Now Open: Capricioza (Greenville)


A few years ago the Upstate group of restaurants that were under the Capri’s name all closed down. Well it seems you can’t keep a good restaurant down. Capricioza has opened up this week off Congaree Road. It’s steepd in history of the other Capri’s.

The new restaurant, called Capricioza, is now open in the former Olympian Grill restaurant location on Congaree Road. Capricioza is not an exact replica of the original Capri’s, but it does honor the spirit, and the food, that made the restaurants so memorable.

Capricioza is open seven days a week for lunch and dinner, 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. Call 864-626-3181

The restaurant is located at 743 Congaree Rd., Greenville.


They have a Facebook page here as well and from the looks of the pictures and comments it looks good!

Welcome back Capri’s!