Coming Soon: The Cheesecake Factory, Part VI (Greenville)


Breaking News CCF Fans! is reporting that CCF has a building permit!

An official said on Thursday a popular restaurant chain now has a building permit in the city of Greenville.

The official said TCF Co., LLC, the owner of The Cheesecake Factory franchise, has acquired a building permit at the Haywood Mall.


Thanks to Peter for the tip posted on our Facebook page.

Edit: Wanted to get in some other news posts as well to help consolidate all this information.

WYFF4 has some more detail than Fox Carolina:

City representative Lelise Fletcher confirmed that The Cheesecake Factory has obtained a building permit for Haywood Mall.

The document released by the city shows the company paid more than $14,000 for the permit. It also states the value of the building will be more than $500,000.

And Greenville Online has this article on them as well:

Cheesecake Factory is coming to Greenville, according to city officials.

The city of Greenville has issued a building permit for the long-rumored restaurant at Haywood Mall.

The permit, issued earlier this month, calls for the modification of an existing 4,720-square-foot space and adding an additional 4,160 square feet of space to create the restaurant with bar and patios.


We’ve been reporting on the rumors that The Cheesecake Factory will be coming to Greenville sometime ‘soon’. There isn’t a ton of new information but if you want to read up on our posts about it you can check them out from the links below:

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