Coming Soon: The Cheesecake Factory, Part V (Greenville, SC)


We’ve been reporting on the rumors that The Cheesecake Factory will be coming to Greenville sometime ‘soon’. There isn’t a ton of new information but if you want to read up on our posts about it you can check them out from the links below:

Part I – And that Panera Bread now has a big sign for hiring. It’ll be open very shortly I imagine.

Part II – I love this comment! So bids are starting to go out eh? Awesome!

Part III

Part IV

If you drive by the Haywood Mall you’ll see that there is a lot of construction activity going on in front of the current Panera Bread. Typically The Cheesecake Factory builds their restaurants attached to malls. Being that the current Panera Bread is fairly small the extra construction makes sense so that they can expand it into a CCF.

I know a lot of people are like ‘meh’ on CCF food but that’s ok. Them coming to Greenville is just a good sign of the growth of the Upstate. And that’s good for everyone.

3 thoughts on “Coming Soon: The Cheesecake Factory, Part V (Greenville, SC)

  1. Trina Morgan

    My husband was told by Haywood Mall that there’s no plans for Cheesecake Factory and that is just sewer work. That seems pretty big for just sewer work to me.

    1. Tip Monkey Post author

      Very interesting….’sewer work’ 😀 Maybe that’s prep for the restaurant eh? Thanks for the info!


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