Coming Soon?: The Cheesecake Factory, Part IV (Greenville)


There have been some more rumors and posts about CCF coming. Here’s a summary of some of the info that has been posted recently:

Panera is building their free standing unit next to Wells Fargo and CCF will take their place as well as a few other spaces. This is a done deal.


It is a done deal. However, CCF is not going to take over any other stores. They will expand the footprint of the Panera space.


and later on this:

Let’s just say I know someone involved with the project and with the Panera building. Believe me. It is going to happen. It will be announced soon.


It is indeed Cheesecake Factory. Construction has already started to expand the area in front of Panera for it.


So take it as you will. There areĀ  lot of naysayers but here’s the deal: We’re hearing a lot of ‘insider information’ but nothing concrete has been shown as evidence. Personally I’m inclined to believe that CCF will be coming. Greenville would make a good market for their store.

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