Recently Closed: Coffee & Crema (Downtown Greenville)


Coffee & Crema has shuttered their last location off Main Street in Downtown Greenville. They posted about it on their Facebook page on May 23.

They also posted it on their blog as well…

I want to thank everyone who made Coffee & Crema a home away from home for the last ten years, but with a variety of other coffee shops possessing the technical skill and professionalism needed to allow a little shrub, which only grows between the Tropics of Capricorn and Cancer, to express its varietal and geographical character in a cup, the time is right to move on.

The last of the Coffee & Cremas shut its doors Saturday afternoon, May 23rd.

Again, thank you all for the many, many cups, smiles and conversations shared over the years. I hope that one day, if we bump into each other on the street somewhere, those conversations might continue without a counter separating us.

All the best,



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