Coming Soon: Lowes Foods (Greer) – Update


A while back we posted about a Lowes Foods coming to Greer. Well, here’s a cool tidbit of info that someone posted regarding the upcoming store (all based on concepts and conversations with a Lowe’s employee):

While out of town earlier this week we went in to a Lowes Foods grocery store, just to see what it looked like. Unfortunately, it was an old store. When someone asked if we needed help I told them that I was just checking it out because we were getting one in Greer. A few minutes later a gentleman came up to me and proceeded to tell me about the new store concept that we will be getting at the new store in Greer, and showed me pictures from a Grand Re-Opening of one of their current stores.

Impressive…a sausage making station, a pick and prep chopping station (for those too lazy, I mean busy, to do it themselves) a cakery, a Panini and pizza station, coffee bar, smoked meat section and other areas my mind cannot seem to remember at this time. He said that the checkouts, will have local Greer street names instead of checkout lane numbers.

Found this on the internet that shows one of their stores:

Tim Lowe transforming Lowes Foods |

Thankfully, we were told this was an old store. Had I not known, or found out, I would not be so thrilled about the new store coming to Greer, but after he showed me the pictures, and I found the video, I’m really looking forward to having a Lowes Foods come to Greer. It seems quite impressive! OPEN, OPEN, OPEN!

It would be nice if PUBLIX finally built a store in Greer…what are they waiting for???

thanks to Eldemila for the info.


Some news! Not much but a couple news articles on the store surfaced this week:

2 thoughts on “Coming Soon: Lowes Foods (Greer) – Update

  1. Angie`

    STOP CUTTING DOWN THE TREES IN GREER for a silly grocery store we dont need!!!!! across from the school where we dont need any more traffic!!!! NNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOO! you should have gone to a vacant building instead of cutting the trees!!!!!!!

    1. Knight

      The Riverside area is a food and pharmacy desert. The increasing population in the area has established the needs for grocery and pharmacy. Not many residents want to drive miles out of their way to the nearest grocer or pharmacy.


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