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Coming Soon?: The Cheesecake Factory (Greenville, SC)


So figured to do another post on the rumor that CCF will be opening up a Greenville location. Got this tip in from a fairly credible source (someone who is related to someone who runs a CCF in the region):

[redacted] told me that one has been in planning for Greenville since before they tore down the Greenville Mall
I was at his restaurant last month and [redacted] said one was definitely coming soon, but he wasn’t 100% where.  We figured that it would be the old Ruby Tuesdays at the Haywood Mall, but also figured there would need to be some major construction
Haywood Mall has apparently been undergoing a lot of construction and I think that was partially to attract CCF
There you have it. Someone else that has verified what a lot of us already know and are wondering about. Think this is finally coming to a head? Maybe soon?
Stay tuned…

Coming Soon: Panera Bread (and Cheesecake Factory?!?) (Greenville)


Ah, so yes the rumors are true – Panera Bread is relocating from inside Haywood Mall to a stand alone restaurant. Construction started this week. No ETA on when it will be done.

So that leads to this long-winded rumor that a Cheesecake Factory will be coming to Greenville. More specifically in the location that will be vacated by the current Panera Bread once their stand alone building is complete.

There has been no press release, no concrete proof, no documents (that are public) showing that CCF will be moving in that space.

Rumors of a CCF coming to Greenville have been going on for years! Will this be the real thing or not? Check back here for the latest info as we send our spies to uncover the truth. 🙂

Need some hype? Some rumors? Check out the following:

With Panera Bread building a free standing building next to Wells Fargo, word I received today that Cheesecake Factory is now 98% true. The question was if it was going in the current Panera Bread location in the mall, wouldn’t it be small? The current CCF in SouthPark is bigger in size than the current Panera Bread location. What my source was told, they would do a build out. More to come… (from sisinono here)

Panera moving next to Wells Fargo and CCF taking Panera’s space from what I hear. Construction started this week on the new Panera. (from g-man430 here)

And from Facebook (read all the comments, especially towards the bottom):

Hi…I heard a rumor that you all were going to open a Cheesecake Factory in Greenville, SC….but then nothing…

Posted by Holly Gartner Smith on Wednesday, April 7, 2010

So get on the HYPE train folks!

Coming Soon?: Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen (Greenville)


Update: As of January 18 there will be a Popeye’s opening up in Boiling Springs. See here for more information. More to come!

The rumor mill is starting to get hot again with news that Popeyes might be opening up an Upstate location! Now that would be awesome.

Here’s the latest scoop from Back2Gville:

While returning home from Eastern NC to Mauldin yesterday I noticed a sign for a new PopEyes restaurant in Dillon, SC and stopped in. While I was there, one of their corporate managers asked if there was anything else he could get me. I inquired about when the restaurant opened and mentioned I would really like to see one open in the Greenville, SC area. To my great surprise he said that they had just received a package from a franchisee to open a PopEyes in this area!

Unfortunately, he could not provide any additional information. I wanted to mention this here so all you smart folks that watch for new permits and the like could keep an eye out for any additional information. If we do get a PopEyes I am betting “ATL fan” will be one of the first in line … LOL.

So how’s that to whet your chicken appetite?

I for one would be a customer on day one. Love me some Popeyes!