Coming Soon?: The Cheesecake Factory (Greenville, SC)


So figured to do another post on the rumor that CCF will be opening up a Greenville location. Got this tip in from a fairly credible source (someone who is related to someone who runs a CCF in the region):

[redacted] told me that one has been in planning for Greenville since before they tore down the Greenville Mall
I was at his restaurant last month and [redacted] said one was definitely coming soon, but he wasn’t 100% where.  We figured that it would be the old Ruby Tuesdays at the Haywood Mall, but also figured there would need to be some major construction
Haywood Mall has apparently been undergoing a lot of construction and I think that was partially to attract CCF
There you have it. Someone else that has verified what a lot of us already know and are wondering about. Think this is finally coming to a head? Maybe soon?
Stay tuned…

12 thoughts on “Coming Soon?: The Cheesecake Factory (Greenville, SC)

  1. Kelly Phelps

    Cheesecake Factory is out for bid now & were bidding the job where I work, it will be located at 700 Haywood add 2022E Haywood Rd, Greenville 29607

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  3. Hope O

    That would make sense… considering that Panera is opening a restaurant down the street from the mall. I was wondering why they were opening so close.
    Cheesecake would just replace them in the mall, I guess.

  4. Jeanette

    Me and my husband have always said if we came into some big money we would invest in a Cheesecake Factory in the Greenville area. They would make so much mmoney since we have to drive to Ga.are NC to get to the nearest one.praying it comes soon!

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  6. Sherry

    Fox Carolina just announced on their Facebook page and website that The Cheesecake Factory put in for a permit at the Haywood mall


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