Coming Soon: ASADA (Greenville, SC)


Ah, the ASADA food truck. Such glorious food. Well they’re closing shop and opening shop. Say what? Well, they are opening up a new location on Wade Hampton (next to IHOP and home of the former Haus Edelweiss restaurant).  They will be closing shop at their current location in the Village of West Greenville this weekend.

Petti and Cortez plan to open ASADA in a space at 903 Wade Hampton Blvd., where the old Haus Edelweiss once stood. Exactly when ASADA opens in the new space remains to be determined depending on DHEC and alcohol permitting, but the sooner the better for Petit and Cortez.

Full article can be read here.

Also confirmed off their Facebook page:


Stay in touch with them via their website (looks like they are re-doing it) and Facebook.

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