Recently Closed: Grille 33 (Greenville, SC) and Opening Soon: Kilpatrick’s Public House (Greenville, SC)


So check this out. Grille 33 which had a great presence Downtown Greenville for a few years moved to Haywood Road last year in the former Cheeseburgers-in-Paradise/Chinese buffet location. Well, just found out that they are shutting down and the owner is going to open a new restaurant back in Downtown Greenville.

It’s like a soap opera of restaurant happenings!

Here’s some discussion on it:


Grille 33 to close along Haywood Road.

Adam Tyner

They’re moving back into their old space downtown as Kilpatrick’s Public House.

I might be completely butchering this story, which I heard straight from owner Jay McAbee a couple months ago, but I believe he said someone else acquired the lease for 221 N. Main. That other person/group wanted to open a restaurant/bar but wanted the Grille 33 folks to handle the food end of it. The Comedy Zone is gonna be in the upstairs area.

I liked the Haywood Rd. location and the greatly expanded menu there, although, strangely, I felt like the burgers were better downtown.

So there you have it. Closing one place and going into a new place.

Which brings us to a new place opening downtown:


According to their site it’s 2015 but if the above news is true then could be open fairly soon! Address will be:

221 N. Main Street
Greenville, SC 29601

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